I started this blog to document my training experience in preparation for my first marathon; the 121st Boston Marathon, which I ran as a member of the Boston Bruins Foundation Marathon Team.

After sharing my highs and lows of marathon training, including many photos from my routes on Nantucket, I realized my storytelling about my running challenges and adventures should keep going even though I’ve already crossed that long awaited blue and yellow and finish line.

I’ll also continue to post favorite nutritious recipes and fitness-focused fashion picks.

Running has always been fun for me and something I need in my life, maybe more than ever, as a mom of two young children. I hope that readers of this blog might find some common ground with me in making an effort to be fit and healthy, even with all the hurdles of a busy lifestyle!

got to run!

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jessica Jenkins says:

    I look forward to reading your thoughts and tuning in to your journey.
    Running has always been a necessary part of my life. Running a full marathon is inspirational and I hope all goes smoothly for you!
    I’m running a half marathon in February.



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