Week One | 12/12-12/18


Monday, December 12 – Long Run * Last Day Pre-Training*, 50:00 / 6 miles
This was a bit of tough start to the week, with steady rain throughout this morning’s run. To make matters just a little less favorable, I got splashed by someone in their F150 on Madaket Road, only one mile into the run… I guess I was going to soaked in this weather anyway!


Tuesday, December 13– Easy, 45:00 , 5.26 miles
It’s hard to get up some mornings after with an eight-month old who wakes up regularly at around midnight and then again at 3am. But I made it and got out there for an easy 45-minute run; mixing up my route with different terrain from road, to wooden footbridges, to grassy trails, and a little beach. *photo credit on above image: Lauren Marttila Photography


Wednesday, December 14– Pace, 50:00, 6 miles
Another morning when I considered putting off my run for a time later in the day but, as always, so glad I went ahead and got it done in the a.m. I was tempted to take my run a little farther off the beaten path but…opted to stay closer to the road on my route today!
It’s a little known fact among non-islanders, but Nantucket has quite an active deer hunting community, so until the end of December (when ‘primitive firearms’ season commences) it’s best to be super cautious…!


Thursday, December 15 -Easy, 45:00, 5.2 miles
Woke up to a quiet, snowy island this morning and was looking forward to getting outside in the relatively nice weather, before the temps drop later on this weekend. Last winter I was pregnant with my second child so runs out in the snow were not really on my workout routine, and it was a nice feeling to be back on the empty streets and paths with a soft layer snow underfoot. I had really missed those morning runs against such pretty scenery. The sidewalks can get a bit slippery, but with an easy run on the training plan for today, it was best to take it a little slower anyway.


Sunday, December 18– Long Run, 1:00, 7.72 miles
The nice thing about having two days off in a row from running is that by the time it’s Sunday, I’m feeling ready for a long run! Following my one-hour run this Sunday, I took the extra time post-run for some much needed stretching and a little strength training. It’s not easy for me to cram these extra elements into my routine on weekday mornings when I’m under pressure to get the kids ready for school, walk the pugs, and get myself to work.


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