Week Two | 12/19-12/25


Tuesday, December 20– Easy, 45:00, 5.6 miles
Weather was in my favor as I had a rest day yesterday when the temps were super chilly and today I was back on the road with no wind and mild temperatures in the high 30s  (pretty mild for December on Nantucket before 7am). An added bonus on today’s run was firm sand along the shores at Jetties Beach, which made the climb at Steps Beach’s virtually vertical staircase a little easier! I love this photo I snapped at Jetties Beach; the light was so pretty this morning that I was tempted to take a few more at other moments on my run, but I had to keep moving- I’m on a tight schedule!


Wednesday, December 21– Pace, 50:00, 6.1 miles
Huge wardrobe mistake this morning – should have dressed warmer for the weather! Despite my interval run, I was still freezing cold! Interval running can be tricky when you’re not used to changing up your pace during a run, but after two intervals I was getting more in sync with the pattern and didn’t need to watch the clock so much.
My intervals today looked like this:

  • 25 minutes easy pace around 8:35/mile
  • 2 minutes faster pace (7:50- 8:03 /mile) followed by one minute recovery pace x 4
  •  14 minutes easy pace 8:35/mile



Thursday, December 22– Easy, 45:00, 5.7 miles
I was really making an effort this morning to find some calm on my run. With the holidays fast approaching there’s always a feeling of stress (even panic!?) as everyone is rushing to get eleventh hour gifts and preparations taken care of. I found some solace doing a few laps through the quiet wooded trails at the Mill Hill Park near my house and then headed off towards the Cliff area for views of the water. I even took off my headphones for a while to just listen to my own breathing and about 45 minutes later I was, for sure, feeling more clear headed and reminded of something I’ve known for a long time; running really is an effective remedy for anxiety…



Sunday, December 25– Pace, 1:10:00, 8.48 miles
Merry Christmas from Nantucket! It was so nice to relax at home this morning while Fox and Poppy played with their new toys from Santa and there was no agenda to be anywhere else. We have Ethan’s sister staying with us for a few days to celebrate Christmas, the kids were extra excited about having a special visitor, and I was really enjoying having an extra hand around the house to keep them entertained! After  opening gifts and having a healthy breakfast of one of my super simple frittatas, I hit the road in the early afternoon for the week’s long run. Despite enjoying a glass of wine or two on Christmas Eve and getting through all the preparations in the days prior, I was feeling good for the 1:10:00 run this week. The weather was beautiful; sunny and just the hint December’s chill in the air. I made sure to drink at least 1.5L of water before my run throughout the morning and this helped, because I had to move for the workout today…

  • 40 minutes easy pace (8:25/mile)
  • 15 minutes marathon pace (7:48/mile)
  • 15 minutes easy pace (8:30/mile)



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