Week Three | 12/26- 1/1


Tuesday, December 27– Easy, 45:00, 5.43 miles
An easy run on a very damp and grey day in the books. Really working on a couple of things that I will need to get into the habit of if I’m going to get through about 12 more weeks of training injury-free and fatigue-free…

  • Taking it slower on the easy pace days
  • Making time for stretching
  • Making time for strength training
    It’s harder than it seems to modulate your speed if you’re used to running at a moderate to quick pace, but to last 26.2 miles I know I’ll need to find that sustainable pace for me. I’ll be looking into some remedies for this and will share my findings here on the blog.


Wednesday, December 28– Pace, 50:00, 5.96 miles
I really enjoyed my pace intervals on today’s run. The speedy sets went by fast and I felt like I was doing a much better job at really slowing down on the easy sections of my run, so I felt more energized for those bursts of increased speed. My average pace was 8:24 and my fastest was 6:19. Feeling good after this workout!

  • 20:00 easy pace
  • 1:00 10k pace followed by 1:00 easy pace x 5
  • 20:00 easy pace


Thursday, December 29– Easy, 1:00:00, 7.1 miles
There’s something about getting a run done early in the morning where you don’t even notice the cold so much or really even register that you’re still tired from waking up at odd hours through the night with a restless baby. If you just get out there and do it before thinking about whatever could potentially be weighing you down, you feel so much more energized for the entire day ahead. At least it seems to work for me…!

Friday, December 30
– Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class, 1:15:00
Before I was pregnant with my daughter Poppy, who is now almost 9 months old, I was just getting into a routine of taking a yoga class once a week and I remember loving the way it helped me with my running, in staying more limber and feeling stronger. But once morning sickness set in, there was no way I could manage yoga practice, so I have just gotten back into it after about a year and a half hiatus! As a runner and a gym rat, yoga never had a lot of appeal; I like to move fast and feel like I’m really breaking a sweat. Thankfully, I found a class that I absolutely love- the pace is nice and fast and the instructor (who happens to be a veteran of several marathons) also has a great soundtrack for each class-no chanty music, chimes etc….
As a New Year’s resolution I’m going to try to commit to going to one class each week.


Sunday, January 1– Long Run, 1:20:00, 10.0 miles
Going for a long run on the first day of the new year felt like a great way to start 2017, (especially with this view at the finish line). It was a perfect day for a run on Nantucket with temps in the 40s, just a light breeze and lots of sun. I decided to take my long run on a long road and headed out on Milestone Road towards ‘Sconset and planned to meet my husband and the kids at the playground by the beach out there. The route is a little over 7 miles so I knew I’d have to tack on a few loops once I arrived in ‘Sconset village, but it was so pretty and quiet there that I didn’t mind. A few families and couples were out to enjoy the views along the shore, or poking around the lanes’ little dollhouse cottages.
I was trying to pace myself a little better to suit the tempo of the day’s run based on my training program but I must have been feeling extra energized after two rest days and a yoga class!


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