Taleggio & Spinach Roulade from Yotam Ottolenghi’s ‘Plenty More’

I had to include a photo from the actual cookbook (Plenty More) here because it’s what drew me in to trying out this recipe. And it was definitely as delicious as it looks here, and totally worth the kind-of-time-consuming process. Though it might not be the most super-healthy dish, I felt like running an average of more than 30 miles per week gives me some entitlement to a hefty dose of carbs and cheese once in a while 😉 and it does have spinach – you know; good source of iron…

I was a little intimated by the baking aspect , specifically making the bread dough for the roulade, but it wasn’t really difficult at all- and Fox loved helping out by rolling the dough.

I really recommend this cookbook to anyone, whether you’re a vegetarian or not, everything I’ve made from it so far has been incredible. Most of the recipes do lean towards a long list of ingredients, some of which can be hard to find (at least on Nantucket anyway) and some of the techniques are not exactly ‘entry level’ cooking skills, but if you’re looking to expand your kitchen expertise and discover some delicious and unique dishes this book is for you.

I found a great blog post on Playin With My Food which covers this specific recipe – you can view by clicking here.


Week Seven | 1/23-1/29

Tuesday, January 24 -Easy, 1:00:00, 7.21 miles
Beach run for a stretch of this Tuesday easy run workout! One of the best things about running on Nantucket is the varied options for switching up your terrain, and the views usually aren’t too bad either.

run-1-25Wednesday, January 25– Pace, 1:10:00, 8.37 miles/
The weather sort of played out in my favor and only started really raining towards the last half mile of this morning’s run. I was challenged with the pace intervals today, as far as just being able to focus on keeping track of starting and stopping speedy sets. I hit my fastest pace at around 8:10 min/mile for the 5:00 intervals at half marathon pace, which is getting closer to where I should be aiming for.

  • 25:00 easy pace
  • 5:00 half marathon pace followed by 1:00 easy pace x 5
  • 16:00 easy pace


Friday, January 27– Easy 1:00:00, 7.1 miles
Traveling all day on Thursday forced me to bump my second easy run of the week to Friday. This was nice because it gave me a great opportunity to experience some running routes around the super-charming little town of Woodstock, VT  (we had a big, extended family getaway to VT for the weekend to celebrate my mother’s birthday). Covered bridges, snowy farmland, and beautiful 19th century homes provided the perfect backdrop for more winter running in New England.


Sunday, January 29– Long Run, 1:38:27, 12.0 miles
This was a tough run to squeeze in with a travel day back from Vermont on the agenda, but I was so pleased with myself (all day long!) for making it happen. I had to get out the door of the hotel late enough so that it was light out, but early enough to make it back to the hotel’s spa for a 9am pedicure I’d booked, and I needed to be sure to get in 12 miles… I literally stepped foot on the hotel steps at 12.0 miles and at 8:58am! Two things contributing to my 8:10 pace on this long run were: 1. making my appointment and 2. moving just a little quicker than usual on some beautiful, but maybe a little too isolated, country roads… I recently read an  article on Well + Good – probably my favorite health and fitness resource- about the way women often experience running alone differently than men do (click here for link) and it really is an anxiety I’ve felt as a runner at times -even in my small town of Nantucket! Despite how much I loved my solo runs this past weekend in VT, when I’m in especially unfamiliar places I know it is best to pair up when I lace up for a run.

Black on Black Run Gear

Back to Black

Black is without a doubt, the dominant color in my wardrobe – and that extends to my workout clothes too.  The key to working with black on black (or any monochromatic outfit) is to mix fabrics and textures. I love these leggings with perforated mesh panels and this jacket by Lululemon is similar to an older version that is my go-to outerwear to get me through cold, rainy running days.

T shirt

Water repellent jacket


NIKE sports bra



Public School fitbit




Week Six | 1/16- 1/22


Tuesday, January 17 -Easy, 1:00:00, 7.2 miles
So I have done a little more digging into what my actual min/mile pace should be when my training program advises ‘marathon pace’ and ‘half marathon pace’ or ‘easy pace’ etc. on my pace runs. It’s one of the things I get most anxious about when mentally preparing for the marathon- running out of energy. I really want to strive for a sustainable pace to get me through it and not worry too much about hitting a certain finish time for this first marathon. Then again, I would like to finish in 4:00:00 – let’s say just finishing is the goal and 4:00:00 (or less…) is my ‘reach goal’. To do this reach goal I need to hit the following paces:

  • easy run pace ranging from 10:10 – 10:50
  • marathon pace intervals should be around 9:05- 9:20
  • half marathon pace intervals from 8:35-9:00 (based on my half marathon experiences 8:35 is right on)
  • 10k pace intervals should be around 8:10-8:30
  • 5k pace from 7:50-8:00

I’ll put myself to the test based on these pointers on tomorrow’s pace run, since I kind of blew it today doing 8:20 on an easy run.

Wednesday, January 18, Pace 1:00:00, 7.13 miles
Short Intervals on today’s pace run. The weather was pretty terrible this morning, lots of wind and cold rain for most of the run -too rainy to get any ‘views from the road photos’ 😉 But those speedy sets made it go by fast enough! I was a little more conscious of my pace during the different intervals of my run, but still need to work on getting more in step with a 9:30ish min mile on easy stretches- overall average pace was 8:25.

  • 30:00 easy pace (8:22-8:47)
  • 1:00 10k pace followed by 1:00 easy pace x 8 (8:07-8:14)
  • 15:00 easy pace (8:25-8:35)

Thursday, January 19– Easy 1:00:00, 7.29 miles
Opted for an afternoon run for this easy workout and noticed how different my energy levels were from working out in the early morning as I usually do. Unlike my morning runs, I felt a little sluggish for the first couple of miles and then stronger for the last three miles or so. Overall my pace was consistent with my usual workouts but mentally it just felt more challenging.

Sunday, January 22
– Long Run, 1:30:00, 10.84 miles
Lately I have been feeling the effects of not getting enough sleep and logging more miles than I’ve ever totaled in an average week (32.46 miles this week). Besides some general fatigue – even on my rest days- I’ve noticed some minor problems, like sore ankles for the first several miles on this long run, and sore knees post-workout. I’ll be checking in to a yoga class this week for sure and looking at some new stretching exercises to alleviate these problems because there’s still a long way to go in this training plan -12 weeks to be exact.

  • 1:10 easy pace
  • 15:00 marathon pace
  • 5:00 easy pace


Recovery Quinoa Salad / from Run Fast. Eat Slow.

Kale and quinoa are two of my favorite ingredients for a satisfying salad, so this recipe from Run Fast. Eat Slow immediately caught my eye- bonus points for another of my favorites in the mix- avocado.
This recipe was pretty quick and simple, which are ideal features in a recipe you’re making after a 10+ mile run! The addition of toasted pumpkin seeds for crunch, flavor and iron was a great enhancement. And I appreciated the helpful tip of soaking the chopped red onions in cold water before mixing into the salad; this takes the edge off the onion’s potent flavor which I’ve always found to be unappealing (and it gives me heartburn). Quinoa contains nine essential amino acids, making it a good option for muscle recovery after a long run. All in all, this is a super recipe; tasty, easy, and makes enough for left overs, perfect for lunch the next day.


Week Five | 1/9-1/15

Snowy Nantucket Fields

Tuesday, January 10– Easy 1:00:00, 6.5miles
Another day of picking my way along the icy bike paths for an hour’s run (with stretches of walking due to the conditions). I was not expecting quite as many long spans of ice and black ice on the bike paths and sidewalks today. I would have maybe opted for a treadmill run if I had known what I would be in for. I only passed one other crazy runner out there! Made it through without any wipe-outs, and with the weather warming up significantly this week I should be in the clear for a while.

Nantucket Winter Views

Thursday, January 12 – Easy 1:00:00, 7.2 miles
After waking up to wind and pouring rain yesterday morning, I decided to postpone that Wednesday pace run for Friday. I felt that my toughing it out in the ice and snow on Sunday and Tuesday warranted a break from bad weather running 😉 So it was great to pick up the pace again this morning and enjoy the sun and nearly 50 degree weather.

Sanford Farm Nantucket

Sunday, January 15– Long Run 1:20:00, 9.6 miles
Trying not to feel too guilty about missing a run this past week; a bad cold and a few long nights with a sick 9-month-old seem like decent excuses for an added rest day 😉 And to ease my conscience I didn’t completely miss doing a pace run since this Sunday’s long run had some intervals of varied pace on the program. It felt good (and a little more challenging than usual) to be back out in the fresh air- and to take a different route along the trails at Sanford Farm too…

  • 40:00 easy pace
  • 30:00 marathon pace
  • 5:00 easy pace
  • 5:00 half marathon pace
  • 10:00 easy pace

Week Four | 1/3- 1/8


Tuesday, January 3– Easy 45:00, 5.2 miles
This morning was all about timing. Thankfully the rain that was pouring down early this morning let up in time for me to get out for an easy 45:00 run. It’s mornings like this when I’m glad that I wear an activity tracker in addition to running with my iPhone, (since my iPhone’s battery died about 2 miles into my workout), with a strict time table to follow in the mornings I can’t be panicked about getting home late.

Wednesday, January 4- Pace 1:00:00, 7.2 miles
Long intervals on today’s pace run…feeling grateful for that 16:00 stretch of easy pace at the end!

  • 25:00 easy pace
  • 3:00 half marathon pace with 1:00 easy pace x 5
  • 16:00 easy pace to finish


Friday, January 6- Easy 1:00:00, 6.5 miles
I had to adjust my schedule this week to take a rest day on Thursday as I woke up feeling the effects of a cold and decided to move the day’s run to Friday. Despite the snowy weather, I was so glad I put it off until today. I felt much better after taking a day to recuperate a bit. The snow was beautiful this morning and on the sticky side; not too slippery for running. I definitely took extra caution and slowed my pace down, and by the end of the run I was probably carrying a few extra pounds of water in my sneakers. Running in less-than-ideal conditions can only better prepare me for the unpredictable April weather Boston is known for!


Sunday, January 8– Long Run, 1:40:00, 10 miles
Winter snow storms almost bumped this long run, but the town’s bike paths were cleared so I decided to give it a shot and if it was too dangerous I’d turn off at the gym and hit the treadmill instead (an unappealing alternative when I’m running any longer than 45 minutes). Instead I made the choice to keep going outdoors, even though the paths were a little icy, and I just took it very slow. After running with a tight, close stride due to the ice on the roads, I spent extra time for deep stretching after the run and later in the evening.