Week Four | 1/3- 1/8


Tuesday, January 3– Easy 45:00, 5.2 miles
This morning was all about timing. Thankfully the rain that was pouring down early this morning let up in time for me to get out for an easy 45:00 run. It’s mornings like this when I’m glad that I wear an activity tracker in addition to running with my iPhone, (since my iPhone’s battery died about 2 miles into my workout), with a strict time table to follow in the mornings I can’t be panicked about getting home late.

Wednesday, January 4- Pace 1:00:00, 7.2 miles
Long intervals on today’s pace run…feeling grateful for that 16:00 stretch of easy pace at the end!

  • 25:00 easy pace
  • 3:00 half marathon pace with 1:00 easy pace x 5
  • 16:00 easy pace to finish


Friday, January 6- Easy 1:00:00, 6.5 miles
I had to adjust my schedule this week to take a rest day on Thursday as I woke up feeling the effects of a cold and decided to move the day’s run to Friday. Despite the snowy weather, I was so glad I put it off until today. I felt much better after taking a day to recuperate a bit. The snow was beautiful this morning and on the sticky side; not too slippery for running. I definitely took extra caution and slowed my pace down, and by the end of the run I was probably carrying a few extra pounds of water in my sneakers. Running in less-than-ideal conditions can only better prepare me for the unpredictable April weather Boston is known for!


Sunday, January 8– Long Run, 1:40:00, 10 miles
Winter snow storms almost bumped this long run, but the town’s bike paths were cleared so I decided to give it a shot and if it was too dangerous I’d turn off at the gym and hit the treadmill instead (an unappealing alternative when I’m running any longer than 45 minutes). Instead I made the choice to keep going outdoors, even though the paths were a little icy, and I just took it very slow. After running with a tight, close stride due to the ice on the roads, I spent extra time for deep stretching after the run and later in the evening.


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