Week Five | 1/9-1/15

Snowy Nantucket Fields

Tuesday, January 10– Easy 1:00:00, 6.5miles
Another day of picking my way along the icy bike paths for an hour’s run (with stretches of walking due to the conditions). I was not expecting quite as many long spans of ice and black ice on the bike paths and sidewalks today. I would have maybe opted for a treadmill run if I had known what I would be in for. I onlyย passed one other crazy runner out there! Made it through without any wipe-outs, and with the weather warming up significantly this week I should be in the clear for a while.

Nantucket Winter Views

Thursday, January 12 – Easy 1:00:00, 7.2 miles
After waking up to wind and pouring rain yesterday morning, I decided to postpone that Wednesday pace run for Friday. I felt that my toughing it out in the ice and snow on Sunday and Tuesday warranted a break from bad weather running ๐Ÿ˜‰ So it was great to pick up the pace again this morning and enjoy the sun and nearly 50 degree weather.

Sanford Farm Nantucket

Sunday, January 15– Long Run 1:20:00, 9.6 miles
Trying not to feel too guilty about missing a run this past week; a bad cold and a few long nights with a sick 9-month-old seem like decent excuses for an added rest day ๐Ÿ˜‰ And to ease my conscience I didn’t completely miss doing a pace run since this Sunday’s long run had some intervals of varied pace on the program. It felt good (and a little more challenging than usual) to be back out in the fresh air- and to take a different route along the trails at Sanford Farm too…

  • 40:00 easy pace
  • 30:00 marathon pace
  • 5:00 easy pace
  • 5:00 half marathon pace
  • 10:00 easy pace

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