Recovery Quinoa Salad / from Run Fast. Eat Slow.

Kale and quinoa are two of my favorite ingredients for a satisfying salad, so this recipe from Run Fast. Eat Slow immediately caught my eye- bonus points for another of my favorites in the mix- avocado.
This recipe was pretty quick and simple, which are ideal features in a recipe you’re making after a 10+ mile run! The addition of toasted pumpkin seeds for crunch, flavor and iron was a great enhancement. And I appreciated the helpful tip of soaking the chopped red onions in cold water before mixing into the salad; this takes the edge off the onion’s potent flavor which I’ve always found to be unappealing (and it gives me heartburn). Quinoa contains nine essential amino acids, making it a good option for muscle recovery after a long run. All in all, this is a super recipe; tasty, easy, and makes enough for left overs, perfect for lunch the next day.



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