Week Seven | 1/23-1/29

Tuesday, January 24 -Easy, 1:00:00, 7.21 miles
Beach run for a stretch of this Tuesday easy run workout! One of the best things about running on Nantucket is the varied options for switching up your terrain, and the views usually aren’t too bad either.

run-1-25Wednesday, January 25– Pace, 1:10:00, 8.37 miles/
The weather sort of played out in my favor and only started really raining towards the last half mile of this morning’s run. I was challenged with the pace intervals today, as far as just being able to focus on keeping track of starting and stopping speedy sets. I hit my fastest pace at around 8:10 min/mile for the 5:00 intervals at half marathon pace, which is getting closer to where I should be aiming for.

  • 25:00 easy pace
  • 5:00 half marathon pace followed by 1:00 easy pace x 5
  • 16:00 easy pace


Friday, January 27– Easy 1:00:00, 7.1 miles
Traveling all day on Thursday forced me to bump my second easy run of the week to Friday. This was nice because it gave me a great opportunity to experience some running routes around the super-charming little town of Woodstock, VT  (we had a big, extended family getaway to VT for the weekend to celebrate my mother’s birthday). Covered bridges, snowy farmland, and beautiful 19th century homes provided the perfect backdrop for more winter running in New England.


Sunday, January 29– Long Run, 1:38:27, 12.0 miles
This was a tough run to squeeze in with a travel day back from Vermont on the agenda, but I was so pleased with myself (all day long!) for making it happen. I had to get out the door of the hotel late enough so that it was light out, but early enough to make it back to the hotel’s spa for a 9am pedicure I’d booked, and I needed to be sure to get in 12 miles… I literally stepped foot on the hotel steps at 12.0 miles and at 8:58am! Two things contributing to my 8:10 pace on this long run were: 1. making my appointment and 2. moving just a little quicker than usual on some beautiful, but maybe a little too isolated, country roads… I recently read an  article on Well + Good – probably my favorite health and fitness resource- about the way women often experience running alone differently than men do (click here for link) and it really is an anxiety I’ve felt as a runner at times -even in my small town of Nantucket! Despite how much I loved my solo runs this past weekend in VT, when I’m in especially unfamiliar places I know it is best to pair up when I lace up for a run.


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