Week Eight | 1/30- 2/5

Wednesday, February 1
– Easy,  5 miles
I’m taking some liberties with my training schedule this week and toggling back and forth a bit between my Map My Run training app schedule, which has each run based on time, and the official Boston Athletic Association’s training plan, which has each run based on distance. This morning I was surprised to see that there was so much black ice on the road and opted to run for the distance on my BAA training plan  (5 miles) instead of spending an hour running in potentially dangerous conditions (still felt kind of guilty about cutting it short on my time routine by 10 minutes, but better that than getting hurt…). I had to take it pretty slow out there and also headed to the beach for a couple of miles- one of few benefits of being on Nantucket in the winter!

Thursday, February 2– Pace, 7 miles
I did a different loop on today’s pace run to stick to the bike paths so that I could move fast without changing up terrain. Not the most scenic route- hence no pretty photos from this run 😉 Average pace of 8:05.

Friday, February 3
– Easy 6, miles
I’ve moved over to the official Boston Athletic Association’s training plan for first-time marathon runners (level one). The reason I’m kind of letting go of my Map My Run training schedule is that my pace is a little fast for the time requirements and I started to feel like I may risk a little burnout if I lean towards upping my mileage too soon. And to be honest, sometimes running for 45:00 in the morning is a world of difference from running 1:00:00 when you’ve got two kids to get out the door and dogs to walk and the list goes on…

Oh and I happened to pass by this nice pony out on my route this morning – a Fells Pony, named Tristan 🙂

Finished off the day with a Vinyasa Flow class at the Yoga Room and I was so glad I did- I always feel like the movement in the class is exactly what my body needs after a long week of running.

Sunday, February 5
– Long Run, 11 miles
I had to use this shot for my Sunday long run photo this week, because it was just the most beautiful light right before the sun went down and I wish I could have captured it better. For a day and a run that started out feeling a little dreary and cold, by about 7 miles into my run everything just kind of came together – the sun felt great and I was feeling that runner’s high. I finished this long run with a strong time of 1:33:35.


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