Week 10| 2/13-2/19

Wednesday, February 15– Easy 5.72 miles
I love being able to make a quick stop here at the edge of Tuppancy Links, aka Nantucket’s favorite dog park, the view of the Sound and the beach below is always so beautiful. This morning’s run was especially great because I bumped into a couple of sweet Golden Retrievers whom we used to live nearby to, and they reminded me of my best running buddy of all time- my own golden, Deuce. He passed away about ten years ago now, but whenever I see a golden retriever while I’m out on a run, I get a little extra spring in my stride <#

Thursday, February 16
– Pace, 6.26 miles
2 miles warm up
1/4 mile 10k pace, 90 second jog in between x 8
2 miles warm down

Feeling good on this pace run with the fastest miles splits at 7:37, started off with a warm up at 8:35. Definitely making progress on managing pace. And received confirmation of acceptance for the Boston Marathon which now hangs on my bulletin board by the door so I see it every time I head out for a run.

Friday, February 17– Easy, 6.23 miles
After yesterday’s speedy sets I was looking forward to a nice easy run and then to a rest day on Saturday! I used to think all I had time for in the morning was a 30:00 run, but I’ve been making it work and getting in sometimes twice that time in the morning now. I know this is a seemingly small example of breaking down your own limits, but it’s amazing what you can actually do when you push yourself towards a new goal.

Sunday, February 19
– Long Run, 14.5 miles
The weather today was pretty much ideal for a long run; temps in the mid 40’s and lots of sun, though a little windy! Definitely a challenging distance workout today. It was one of those runs where I just didn’t feel really good until about 7 miles in. And post workout my shins and knees were feeling sore. This week I’ll be trying some new stretching routines, doing a little cross training with yoga and biking and testing some recipes for ramping up my nutrition. I noticed for the last mile of this long run I was getting a little dizzy and probably need to do a better job of staying hydrated throughout the day and getting more protein in my diet. Check out my latest blog post in “Food” on ‘Long Run Mineral Broth’  (courtesy of Run Fast. Eat Slow.). Let’s see if I can get some positive results from really focusing on my diet as I head in to Week 11 of training!



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