Week 11 | 2/20- 2/26

2-21-runTuesday, February 21– Pace 6 miles
Ran along one of the best routes for speedwork today for:

2 mile warm up
1 mile at 1/2 marathon pace, 2 min jog x 3
1 mile warm down

Finally recovering after a tough run on Sunday! Average pace 7:53

Wednesday, February 22 – Easy 5 miles

Kind of made up a new route for this morning’s run since I was bored with my usual. After 11 weeks of training, I feel like it’s more mentally stimulating to get out and create some new running routes. When you’re logging a lot of miles week after week, your workouts can get stale, to stay motivated I like use things like a new route, new tracks on my playlist, even a new piece of workout gear to keep me moving.



Friday, February 24 – Easy 6 miles
Feeling ready for the weekend’s long run and making an effort to throw some hills into my workouts! Great warm-ish weather and a little unstructured cross training on my bike yesterday helping me along…

2-26-runSunday, February 26– Long Run 12.2 miles, 1:43:00
This week’s long run was unexpectedly super positive. I wasn’t 100% into it heading out the door, the weather was sunny but really windy and on Nantucket there isn’t any way to find protected route when you’re going  for long runs! But I took a few unusual turns and even ran a few miles at the always-beautiful Sanford Farms trails and still felt strong at the finish. It seems like my extra focus on what I’m eating this week has also paid off! Capped the workout with some yoga moves with Fox 🙂



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