Back at It

Run 3.26.17

Once my kids, and my husband and I were over ear infections and stomach bugs etc. there were no more excuses to miss days on the training plan. With April 17th getting closer, I had to get back at it.

A seriously bright spot in the month of March was the arrival of two new babies in the family. Two of my sisters delivered their first babies on March 13, two hours apart…and in the same hospital!

new babies

During a visit to Boston to meet the new niece and nephew, I had the opportunity to get a change of scenery for a couple of runs, and that helped to get me back into it.

nep bike trail

I continue to do a couple of runs each week on the treadmill because honestly, I am just fed up with running outside in the cold. March is the worst!

Running with my headphones is a thing of the past now (though I do still use them on the treadmill).  I ditched my running apps, playlists, and wires and picked up an Apple Watch to track my distance and pace and to have the option of resorting to a playlist if needed. It has been so much easier to focus without the added distractions.

This past Sunday I went back to where I totally fell apart on an especially grueling run, added another 2 miles to the route to make it my longest run yet; 18 miles. And I totally got through it fine; keeping a good pace of about 8:54 per mile average. I felt that I had to do that route that I’d struggled on again to get that defeated feeling out of my head. After I’d finished it, I felt a lot of the anxiety I’ve been struggling with as the marathon date gets closer diminish. I’m definitely still a little apprehensive about the challenge of it, but more confident than I was a few weeks ago.

Less than 20 days to go! Zeroing in on eating well, sleeping well, stretching and strength training more, and maybe adding a few pops of bright, happy color to my workout clothes to keep me feeling positive 🙂



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