Pre Marathon Nerves


All those miles…

Tapering anxiety was in full swing for the last couple of weeks of training. With the physical aspect of training winding down, I found myself trying to better manage the mental element of marathon prep, worrying about: what the weather will be like, what the course will be actually feel like, those hills are not like the little bumps in the road on Nantucket, achieving my ‘reach goal’ time, whether I will even be able to finish the race… and what should I wear ? 😉


With shorter long runs on Sundays, it was sometimes oddly hard to accept the fact that I had back off on the distance at this point. I kept wondering,  am I really adequately, physically prepared to run 26.2 miles? Reminding myself that I have logged those miles of training since November helped to convince me that I am fit enough to take this on and thankfully, I had not been held back by any injuries.


Oh buoy, Boston is almost here!

It was actually on my rest days, when I was not running, that I was less confident about Boston. But after a run, even the short ones, my confidence would get a boost and I’d feel motivated and optimistic again. And this was something that stayed with me during the race; ‘keep running‘, it’s just ahead of you.


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