Summer Kick Off 5K-a-Day


I needed an easy, fun goal to start off the summer and recommit to getting a run in more regularly. So I’m aiming for a 5K every day for the next 5 days. No excuses with a light workout agenda like this; squeezing in about 25ish minutes of running in a day is a totally manageable goal for almost anyone! I’ll share my routes for my favorite 5ks around Nantucket here from now until Monday…


Day 1 started off with 3.1 (ish) warm and sunny miles through ‘Sconset. I love this route because in addition to the spectacular views, it’s nice to get a change of scene and run in a part of the island that I don’t often get to. This is the same 5k course that the Nantucket Triathlon Club uses for the annual “Daffy 5k” – which I ran this year as a fun run between Boston Marathon and Ragnar Cape Cod– and I ran it with Poppy for my first time running with a jogger πŸ˜‰



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