About Me

Hi! I’m Bridgette, a Nantucket mom and avid runner. In the nearly fifteen years that I’ve lived on Nantucket, I have enjoyed some of life’s most important milestones and logged many miles on the sandy roads, beaches and trails as I’ve explored this amazing place that has become home to me and my family.

Living on Nantucket all year is definitely a unique experience. The summers are fast-paced and teeming with tourists; then winter sets in with glacial gales, silent streets, and the crash of icy waves on the beach. No matter what the season, I have grown to love running on this island; and now, as a busy working-mother of two little kids, I rely on my running to stay healthy, strong, and sane!

This year, I was fortunate enough to receive a spot on the Boston Bruins Foundation marathon team. It’s a truly incredible organization that benefits so many children throughout New England through programs supporting athletics, academics, and overall health. Running to raise funds and awareness for such an inspirational charity definitely kept me motivated!

Having run in the 121st Boston Marathon, I’ve achieved a life-long goal of mine and found more inspiration to continue doing what I love and to seek new challenges.
Follow along as I share my experiences with training, adventures with family, and love for life on this tiny island twenty miles out to sea!

got to run!