The Training Plan

Life with kids, dogs, work, and taking care of a home can make the days go by pretty fast so I’ve found that I’m best suited to get my workouts covered first thing in the morning in order to stay on track.

I’m following a training plan based on my level of experience as a runner and geared towards my schedule, with Sundays as my days for long runs. I like using an app on my iPhone from Map My Run to digitally monitor my progress, but I’m also referencing Boston Athletic Association‘s training plan for a level one runner, (these two training plans are nearly identical). My training weeks pretty much look like this:

Mondays: Rest
Tuesdays:  Easy run (time/distance varies as schedule progresses)
Wednesdays: Pace run (start with an easy pace, intervals at a fast pace,  finish easy pace)
Thursdays: Easy run
Fridays & Saturdays: Rest
Sundays: Long run (sometimes incorporating intervals)

Part of training is preparing to run at a sustainable pace for 26.2 miles, which is already proving to be harder than it sounds. I know I can run a half marathon in less than two hours, but I’m not sure that I could keep that pace for twice the distance! To reach my goal of finishing the marathon in 4 hours, and to achieve my ‘reach goal’ of finishing in under 4 hours, I need to work on hitting the paces below.

Marathon Goal Time



Easy Runs 10:00-9:30 10:50-10:10
Aerobic Runs 9:30-9:05 10:05-9:45
Marathon Pace Intervals 8:45-8:30 9:20-9:05
Half Marathon Pace Intervals 8:25-8:05 9:00-8:35
10K Pace Intervals 8:00-7:40 8:30-8:10
5K Pace Intervals 7:30-7:20 8:00- 7:50

Having completed other training plans for half marathons I’ve run in the past, I was a little surprised to find that there are not a lot of cross training days built in to the plan. To ward off the potential monotony of running as my sole form exercise for the next four months, I’m planning to make a few cross training workouts part of my overall schedule.

One of the great things about Nantucket is that for a small town, there are many options to mix up a workout routine here. There are yoga studios offering a variety of practices, cycle studios, barre classes, and a few health club options for strength training and cardio workouts. So stay tuned for my favorite picks for cross training, they’ll all be reported right here on the blog!